Every company should have access to deep CFO knowledge and expertise.

MyCFO Soft is a software solution, designed by finance experts with great knowledge and understanding of accounting processes for innovative companies. MyCFO Soft automates the financial process and provides real-time information for decision-makers.

Our platform digitally transforms accounting and finance from bookkeeping to data predictions.

  • Gather and read all the initial documents through OCR processing and bank statements integration

  • Algorithm based automated bookkeeping

  • Remote collaboration between customers and accounting team

  • Straightforward real-time and personalized reporting

  • Advanced financial analysis

Startups and SME have difficulties managing account receivables or payables. Late payments and differences in payment maturity often results in cash flow shortage and can leave your business without sufficient income.

With MyCFO Soft our clients could have access to seamless automation of the processes. By decreasing human intervention and errors you can receive the necessary information on time, spent less time on boring administration and have more time for strategic goals.

Both starting and established business leaders need to consider investment in improvement of their business processes. That decision is even better when supported by accurate numbers.