A good CFO is not just reporting numbers but is supporting you in building profitable and sustainable business. The CFO actively participates in overall business strategy and takes the lead in budget planning and monitoring. And finally gives the right tools and insights for your decision-making process.

Any accountant can tell you if your company’s future is looking a little shaky, but it takes an entirely different level of expertise and personal investment to be able to help you find ways to fix the problems and build a brighter future. That’s why MyCFO is able to offer the kind of financial management expertise that can only be earned through real-world experience in the business world and backed up by Chartered Accountants.


  • Set up financial procedures and processes which will enhance the discipline and control

  • Provide accurate and high-quality financial analysis and discuss with decision-makers the strategy of the company.

  • Cash flow management e.g., financial modelling, reporting and recommendations for improvement

  • Business planning and forecasting or:

    • Tailor-made budgets
    • New business or product modelling, analysis, and review
    • Business metric indicators according to the company mission
  • Management reporting and valuation or:

    • Choose reporting framework which supports executive decisions
    • Executive board presentation
    • Cost and sensitivity analysis and reduction
  • Advice on re-engineering and fundraising or:

    • Due diligence and valuation
    • Re-engineering of a separate sectors of the business
    • Preparation of the fundraising-related documents

Our approach is based on our experience in various business sectors during the years, which includes mainly commercial and technology companies, but does not exclude manufacturers and service providers.

With the support of CFO-as-a-service you will make better informed decisions.